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Tree Analysis
The best way to analyze the health of a tree is to have a professional do a visual inspection of the tree in question. Sometimes a sick tree can be saved rather than removed. Timberline can help you determine if your tree can be saved or not.

Tree Trimming and Shaping
Trimming a tree is a type of maintenance that is done for a number of reasons.
To give a few examples:

  • Eliminating excess suckers from the interior of the tree allows the main branches to receive the vital nutrients rather than the small unsightly branches running up the trunk of the tree.
  • Branches close to or touching the house can damage siding or roofing tiles and also allow access for squirrels and other insects to your home.
  • Sick and dead branches should be removed to allow new growth in their place and to prevent insects from attacking an otherwise healthy tree. Dead branches eventually fall and damage whatever is below as well.
  • Reshaping imbalanced trees both improves the ascetic look of the tree and in some cases can take unnecessary weight off one side making it less likely to fall over.
  • Interior thinning allows vital nutrients to reach the branches and tree top as well as allows more sunlight to reach your lawn and landscape below.
  • Raising the canopy also allows more sunlight to the surrounding landscape and gives the tree a more pleasing look to your yard.
  • Crown reduction is also an option we offer to bring overgrown trees under control. We only recommend approximately a 25% reduction with most trees in order for new growth to occur.

Tree Removal
There are many reasons why you as a customer might decide tree removal is the best option. Some of these reasons might include:

  • A tree growing too close to or leaning towards the house or other important structure.
  • Cankers, sick spots, and hollow cavities on the trunk are all reasons to consider total removal.
  • Too many trees in a close area force trees to grow away from each other thus causing the trees to be imbalanced and cause other limbs to die prematurely. One solution for this problem is to choose the best trees which should remain and remove the other trees that could be a problem. We would be happy to help you asses which trees should be removed.
  • A dead tree on your property is a liability and could be a hazard to your family's safety or at the very least could fall and cause damage to other areas of your property. Never underestimate the seriousness of a dead tree in your yard.
  • Other reasons for total removal might be to make room for new construction or landscape projects under design.


Methods of Removal
We understand how important it is for you to get what you expect for your money, therefore we offer different methods of removal. These methods range from lowering every piece from the tree by a pulley and hand toting each piece out of a backyard on a dollie, to the other end of the spectrum, by pulling large sections or even whole trees into an area where minor invasion would be acceptable. Additionally, the use of equipment makes the job easier, therefore reduces the cost for you. Whichever choice you select, it will be done by experienced professionals and care will be taken to protect your property to the best of our ability.

Factors Considered in the Price
Size of the tree
Ability to access the tree with bucket truck or loader
Is the tree dead or alive?
Are there cankers or cracks affecting the integrity of the tree?                         Will the debris be hauled away or left on site?
Other hazards such as being close to a house or power lines                  Proximity to house, concrete, plants, etc.
Challenging landscapes such as hills or in a tight areas
Must the tree be climbed or can it be fell whole?
Will the removal require a crane to be used?

 Stump Grinding
While some people wish to save money by not grinding stumps in natural areas, we might recommend grinding stumps where replanting is desired. Stump grinding is available upon request but not automatically factored into our price.

Free Mulch Delivery
We recycle 95% of our trees, either by selling the lumber or chipping the branches. We offer leaving mulch with the customer or hauling it away. When we are working in your area we also offer mulch delivery to your home free of charge. You may visit our contact page if interested in the mulch delivery. Leave you name, cell number, where you would like the mulch dumped.